Friday, 9 January 2015



I swear I begin ALL of my posts with a swift "it's been a while" but I'll skip my usual excuses and get straight to it... I've got a new song and a sickly sweet new video to go with it too. Surprising? Not really... we all know it's going to be a little OTT and twee.

It was a whole big year ago when I posted my last music video, and how distant that feels, but with a little care and attention, tightening up on some co-ordinated time-management, let's hope this new song isn't going to be the first and last for a KatieCreative 2015.


So, Sweet Talk. The first stop track for my Dizzy campaign. The first in a while of my Katie Creative music videos, created and filmed within the confines of her London bedroom. Basicallys, Sweet Talk is light-hearted and fun song about a very greedy boy who has a tendency to lead girls along with his persistent charm. However once he has them in his grip, he soon becomes bored and drops them like a hot potato!

Want to read into this further? Here's my lyrics.
Punny? Yes. Lots of cheesy phrases? You know me too well...


Now I don’t mean to sugar coat things,
You're so sweet, you make my heart sing!
But it’s no longer a fling.

And I don’t know what’s inside your mind.
I know you’re scared, you’re acting cruel to be kind.
But you oughta think twice.

'Cause for me it’s past the exterior.
As I fall for you, you’re getting wearier.
But you brought me here with that sweet talking,
And once I say it back, he soon starts walkin'...

He’s a kid in the candy shop,
Likes what he sees so doesn’t stop.
Then drops me like potato hot,
Then throws his words back in the pot.

So kids don’t play with your food,
Just cause you ain’t in the mood!
Cause a broken heart is hard to mend,
When greedy boys got no love to lend.

I know you’d like a slice of the cake,
It’s so brand new and freshly baked.
Seems so easy to take.

Now I see you playing with your plate,
Putting my heart at stake,
No more wine on this date...

Cause for you it’s all about the exterior.
No love, just buzz, mr mysterious.
We're here again, and you’re sweet talking,
Swizzel sticky eyes, I wanna poke my fork in!

oh monkey see, monkey do.
don’t kiss me, I’ll catch the flu.
Bananarama panoranama...
dizzy with indulgent drama.

Monkey see and monkey do,
Pack your bags cause we are through.

© Katie Nicholas 2014

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