Friday, 9 January 2015

Someone's been a Busy Bee...

I admit it. I'm a sucker for writing lists, making plans and ticking boxes. And while some friends think I'm a bit over the top and kooky with it all, I guess it's the only way I can truly get things done while juggling my 9-5 and having a life (pssh, what life?). So as you can guess, a lot of thought went into how I wanted the video to turn out.


I felt like I had a head full of frogs at times. So many ideas were jumping around that I swear I was going a little loopy with excitement, stress and already envisaging how it was going to look. I wanted to somehow illustrate the lyrics with my video, with both shots of myself and in role as well as some sort of typographical animated element - but once we start talking animation, it inevitably means - where do I find the time? I had to start planning day by day how I would get everything finished for a launch in January 2015. By this point I was at October and time was already ticking.

These moodboards were pretty much the summary and contents of my brain and how I could see Sweet Talk in motion. Normally I find I seem to stray from the book with these sort of structured guidelines, but luckily, the video pretty much turned out the way I had seen it in my mind in early stages (minus the outside scenery shots!).

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